Fancy Characters Adds Cheerful Symbols for BBM

(Fancy Characters Emoji) Have you ever wondered how your friends have more emoticons symbol on their BlackBerry? Let me show you…

Do you want to add some super funny symbols? or
You want to add more emoji symbols pics? or
Be creative with your BlackBerry Messenger “BBM” display name?
By using the Fancy Character application enables the hidden unicode characters or emoji icons  for your BlackBerry. You will have access to over 300 colored emoticons symbol and over 200 country flags for your BlackBerry. This can be use for BBM Status, Twitter, Facebook or Contacts.

This are the standard symbols is added on your latest BlackBerry Messenger BBM 6.

Impress your friends with this COOL application! With Fancy Character you can express yourself in SO MANY WAYS! From mad emoticons to super cheerful symbols!

The current paid version for this app is Fancy Character v4.3.1 BUT! the current Beta Fancy Character v5.0.9 expires on 15-04-2012. This is a great way to try the features before purchasing it or wait for Gadzone Mobile Fancy Character GiveAway

Download the Beta version and give it a try! Enjoy

Download Via OTA :
(OS 5 Devices)

(OS 6 / OS 7 & OS 7.1 Devices)

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