Theme HedoneDesign Avio (9900/ 9930 – OS7)

Wouldn’t u like to Feel like your walking on an atlas or a spinning globe… Well, here we go…

The mixture of airy artistic design of clouds and modern design of each icon (Mario face leads the icon for games – vintage cameras help you find your video camera and a modern wall of TVs for the media) fresh and bright detailing is the makes you feel you’re flying into the future.

The 12 icon dock helps any busy blackberry user. You’re going to love the look of a vintage brown star passport as your front screen – think of it as a passport flying you to all your must have go to apps – the feel of gliding and flying ties rite into the traveler feel in this theme. All mini notification icons presented in the clouds.

Link OTA :

  • (9900/9930 – OS7)


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