Nada pendek


**YKS Asik Asik Joss**

**Buka Sithik Jozz**


**Chup Kesitar**

**Coca Cola**

**Gangnam Style Chipmunks**

**Cool Whistle**

**KakaoTalk Noah**

**On The Spot**

**UEFA Champions League**


**Super Mario Bros**

**Android vs Nokia**

**Ants Marching**

**Apple iPhone 6**

**iPhone 4s Remix**

**Look Closer**

**Minions Hello**

Klik open link and then save on mediacard.


WeChat for BB sudah ada fitur moments


Hi all, WeChat for BB 3.0 Beta version is available now!

What’s New in BB 3.0 beta
– Moments – post pictures and comments and share them with your friends – Log in to Web WeChat easily by scanning your QR Code
– Send your greetings or messages to your friends quickly with the new Broadcast feature – Choose from a set of wallpapers to personalize your chats
– Interact with your favorite Official Accounts in menu mode – Improved user experience and overall performance.

Download URL for OS5:

Download URL for OS6 & OS7 :